Decorative painter featured in Extreme Makeover Home Edition

by admin, September 16, 2013

Decorative painter in San Antonio plays key role in Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Amazing is the best word I can use to describe the experience I had as a decorative painter during the 2012 Extreme Makeover Home Edition! I feel so honored to have been chosen as a San Antonio artist for the last episode to be aired on television.

The house was built in January of 2012 for a local family from Floresville, Texas. The father of the family was a young military veteran who had sustained extensive burns while serving abroad. Although he had multiple skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries, he had one of the best attitudes towards the outlook on life. His wife stayed by his side, supporting him and their children every step of the way. This was one deserving family!

I was fortunate enough to be able to help give back to our community in this way by donating my time and talent as an artist to make their daughter, Lizzy’s room one that she would love! As a decorative painter, I was chosen to paint her room in a western theme, complete with horses, a sky and clouds on the ceiling, barn wood planks on the wall and even a teepee bed!

The artist behind the scenes

Going behind the scenes was especially neat! I was able to meet Ty Pennington and Paige Hemmis within minutes of being on set.  We chatted a bit and took pictures together. Paige even made a video for my son! She was very sweet.  Here I am with the “big guys”!

decorative painter artist

decorative painter










During my time on set, I was able to work with the incredibly talented ArtWorld team to make it all come together. Here we are painting items for the children’s rooms as well as the sky and walls. I feel truly honored to have been part of this team!

decorative painter artistdecorative painter artistdecorative painter artistdecorative painter artist





After our team finished building the house in January of 2012, ABC’s television network put together the final episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition… a show that has aired on prime time TV for over 10 years! Later that year in December of 2012, they aired the episode. I was shown as a decorative painter briefly during a segment with Paige. Thanks ABC for the wonderful experience and exposure!

Decorative painter artist


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    • October 24, 2013

    WOW!! Thats amazing!! What a honor that was and I bet very very exciteing to be apart of that! Awesome Great for you!

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