Amazing Cabinet Refinishing Makeover!

by admin, October 28, 2012

When I walked in to see my potential cabinet job 2 weeks ago, I saw the very common style of cabinets that were popular about 15 years ago. They were honey colored oak and in need of a face lift that would transform them into wonderfully updated pieces of artwork!

I decided to paint them with a tan base and then dark brown Stain and Seal. This choice would change the color of the cabinets without making them too dark or light, which was a concern for the client. She wanted them to contrast against her lighter walls but wanted to make sure they weren’t too dark since she would be replacing the countertops with black granite. This is one of the key things to make sure you do when deciding on a finish for your cabinet refinishing project. It is important that they are not too close in color to the walls and/or counter tops because if they are they will not stand out.

So first, I removed all the hinges from the doors and then deglossed them. After this, I painted the cabinets with 2 coats of tan paint allowing for dry time in between. After they were good and dry, I coated them with Stain and Seal which gives them a wood grain look… beautiful! Now, the type of wood I started out with turned out to be very cool because the grooves in the grain of the oak created places where the stain could sit. This really helped give the cabinets the look of real wood!

I have to say, cabinet refinishing can be a lot of work but it is one of the most rewarding projects because the difference in before and after is amazing. End result… fabulous new cabinets and one happy client! Couldn’t ask for more. Check out the pictures below showing the progress of the project (FYI, they started out the color of the insides of the cabinets and ended up with a beautiful shade of neutral brown that goes with every color palette!).


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